Happy National Coffee Day

In my mind every day is National Coffee Day, but today it actually is! It is such a cool day where we can all come together and share our love for our favorite beverage, as well as talk about those who make it! I love to try different varieties of coffee from around the world, as well as different roasts, because there are truly so many flavors to be enjoyed!


When it comes to extracting those flavors at home, though, it can be a little difficult! If the water temperature, timing, or measurements are off then all of that attention to detail can be lost. I’ve been trying to up my at-home coffee game, and let me tell you: it’s not always easy, but thanks to the Mr. Coffee At-Home Pour Over now it is!


I am so spoiled, because while I used to struggle with the perfect pour over I now have all the tools connected and in one place. It heats the water to the perfect temperature, helps me measure it perfectly, and instructs me on the timing of everything. It is truly foolproof, which lets you focus on selecting the best beans and enjoying the process stress-free. If you’re looking to up your coffee making game, so you can truly appreciate the varieties of International Coffee Day then this an absolute must!

Sponsored by Mr. Coffee

Sponsored by Mr. Coffee

How will you celebrate International Day Of Coffee? #Mrcoffee #ad