Adorama x Sony A7r

There’s so many new people on here that I wanted to begin by introducing myself first.
Hi everyone! My name is Karen Marie and I am a maker and an artist specializing in photography. I am a seeker, and adventurer, and a creator. The earth is filled with beauty beyond measure and every day presents the opportunity to see the same things in a new way, to give fresh perspective to what seems old, and to never stop learning. My photography is an overflow of my heart and ambition. I want the real raw, authentic, emotional; the little things that go unnoticed by most; the art of being human. I photography people who live adventurously, love uncontrollably, and have ambition. From my shooting style to my to my editing tones, I do things natural and down to earth. My clients value artistic vision, doing life with good people, and healthy lifestyle. I create images for regular humans, as well as brands whether big or small. If my work doesn’t meet that standard, then my work would be in vain. I have a heart for people and I value authenticity. My photography will always be about my clients and never about me. I only partner with companies I truly believe in and have used in the past or still use.


With that being said, I was presented with the biggest opportunity to partner with Adorama . I have purchased and rented with Adorama in the past and I’m so excited about this. In case you haven’t heard about this incredible company, Adorama is a camera and film equipment store established in 1979 and located in New York City. However, you don’t need to live in New York City to order, rent, or buy from them. They offer the best selection and prices on professional photography and video gear, pre-audio, and consumer electronics such as home theaters, mobile computing, home office equipment, and so much more.


Most of you know that i’m a huge advocate for gear rentals. When I was presented the opportunity to partner with Adorama , my immediate response was YES! I was loaned a Sony A7r and it was a complete game changer. The Sony delivers some of the best image quality i’ve seen for under $3K in a great shooting design and feature set. When I started photography, I started with Film and this camera took me back to my roots.


The Sony A7r has the feels of a SLR and Film. The perfect combination to a camera. The first feature I enjoyed was the exterior. I’m used to carrying around a SLR camera that weighs (what feels like 50 pounds after hours of shooting) a lot. However, this body was light as a feather, sometimes I forgot I even had a camera and that was a new feeling. Secondly, the screen was so helpful! If you’ve met me in person you know my height barely makes it to 5’0 so being able to adjust the screen to my height was SO helpful. My third favorite was the ISO. Y’all it was freaking powerful and so crisp. (I’m about to nerd talk for a second so hold on) For still images, the ISO ranges from 100-25600, ISO numbers from ISO 50 can’t be set as expanded ISO range and for movies, ISO ranges from 200-25600 equivalent.



All this to say, I love gear, I love being challenged with new camera gear, and I love photo rental website such as Adorama. Do yourself a favor and head over to the website and pick out some gear! #ad