I recently partnered with Blurb Books to create content and share a little bit about what they're about. Blurb is the world's first platform for creating, printing, and publishing independent books. Blurb is one of those amazing big-picture ideas made real: A mash-up of creative freedom with print-on-demand technology. 

Blurb authors have created more than two million books since the company started, with a new book created every minute. If you were to ask me, that's incredible and a successful company, amiright? You have the ability to customize your book from every page, text, color, you name it. 




You're probably thinking, "Karen why're you so adamant about blurb?" Well let me tell you, friends! Aaron and I will be getting married March 25, 2017 that's about 176 days away (not that I'm counting or anything). Aaron had the brilliant idea to start a Pinterest board so we could begin brainstorming interior design ideas. What a gem he is, right ladies? As we started to pin ideal designs we realized that we had traveled so much leaving us with photos to remember. There's only so many photos you can hang so we immediately said, "TRAVEL BOOK". Blurb Books came to our rescue days later. 

All this to say, if you've been traveling and want to see your images in a tangible form. Printing your images changes your perspective in the best way possible. It's one thing to see your images online and it's another to hold your images. Go check out Blurb Books! I will link Blurb's: website, instagram, twitter, and Facebook below.

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Karen Marie Co