David's Bridal #MeetTheStylist

Often times when beginning a blog post with words I am at a loss for a non-awkward introduction, so this time I'll begin with a photo instead (I am, after all, a photographer).

Good, now that the beginning of the post is over we can get into how everything actually went at David's Bridal. Often times bridal boutiques get a bad reputation for being not so initially welcoming, but my experience when entering David's Bridal in Los Angeles was certainly opposite the norm. They were extremely welcoming from the moment I walked through the door, immediately asking for my name whilst checking me in. They asked me to take a seat, and gave me the bridal book with sticky-notes to select my favorites, while they went and got a stylist for me. 

My stylist ended up being Brianna, who was warm, welcoming, and easy to get along with. In summation, we hit it off. Her first questions were about how I met my fiancé, how we met and what our story was. She inquired as to what I did for a living, what my general style was, and what excites me about life. No doubt dress styles and the obvious came into play but I greatly appreciated the time she took getting to know our story, which clearly informed her style picks. 

When all was said and done I tried on five dresses and I could not have been more happy with those five. With every new dress she asked me to tell her three things I loved about it, three things I hated about it, which would then inform her next choice. Each dress was more beautiful than the next, and I can only credit Brianna for that.


Not only was attention and detail a big part of picking my dress choices, but also when picking bridesmaid dresses. My dear friend Arielle came along to help pick out and try on these (it helps that she is actually one of my bridesmaids!), and Brianna's diligence carried through in this arena. She asked Arielle what she liked, what made her feel beautiful, and a myriad of other insightful questions. When she brought out her three picks it was clear that she nailed it, because both Arielle and I were so excited by all, and ended up picking one. Which one do you think it was?

My experience with David's Bridal, overall, was one I will look back on as the epitome of great customer service. At no point in the process did I feel I was being fit into a formula, but rather that each need and desire I had was being tended to and cared for, and I think anyone looking for a truly unique and tailored experience in wedding dress shopping would be beyond happy with the fantastic team that is David's Bridal.